Komik Naruto 509; Tobi Madara vs Konan, Jutsu Rahasia Pelindung Nagato

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Dibawah hujan konan berhadapan dengan tobi madara. "satu pertanyaan...apa yang menyakinkan kalian berdua mengkhianati aku?" tanya tobi. konan diam. "apakah kau benar-benar percaya uzumaki naruto begitu istimewa?" lanjut tobi. "dia personal yang bercahaya. karena itulah setiap orang yang


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giekasiriusta@yahoo.co.id #11 silly obito

[ Rabu, 15-09-2010 21:53 WIB ]

@silly obito
hilman kingkong . .

Eh,,siapa tuh ngcopy nama gue . .?!
Mana comment'y gak jelas,,ngatain om hilman kingkong . .

Tp,,emang iya,om hilman kya kingkong?

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email #12 Ziaus

[ Rabu, 15-09-2010 19:51 WIB ]

Saia jg suka HxH,One Piece n bleach. Number one te2p NARUTO!
Fakta baru kembali terungkap?

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aneh masa jadi 507 #13 ario
naruto 510

[ Rabu, 15-09-2010 12:26 WIB ]

Status: Confirmed
Credits: Ohana
507: An Unexpected
Madara falls down
into Konan's paper.
He holds his mask
and tries to use his
space-time [ninjutsu]
, but the exploding
fuda among Kona's
paper prevent
Madara from doing
Konan: "it seems the
space-time ninjutsu
was a failure. It
seems you cannot
[teleport] anything
other than what is
directly besides
(if you want to
teleport yourself,
you have to
materialise. it also
goes slower than
when you teleport
something other
than yourself)
Madara: "I have to
stop teleporting. If i
won't be able to slip
through the
explosion, things will
be dangerous
(There are exploding
fuda all around me... I
can't carelessly
Konan: (Madara can
slip through
materials for a time
period of
approximately five
The paper starts
covering Madara
Konan: "In order to
kill you, I prepared
six hundred billion
exploding fuda...
They will continue to
explode for ten
Inside the
(Konan has a small
Madara: "I was the
one who induced
Yahiko to start
Akatsuki and I was
also the one who
gave Nagato the
Yahiko and Nagato
moved on their own!
They weren't just
shōgi pieces! Even if
they were like that, I
will fight and die
with this intention!
That is why this will
is tied together!! It
will not be hindered!!
When the explosion
ends, Konan sits
down. The paper
decoration in her hair
Konan: (The Paper
Person of God
Technique is coming
apart. I used more
chakra then I
expected up till now,
but with this...)
"Madara is certainly
Madara from behind
her: "—Dead?"
In a special place,
Yahiko and Nagato
rest among paper
The paper flowers
decorating them
Konan is breathing
faintly: "Why? You
should be dead. No
matter how often I
tried it out, if I
proceeded like this, I
should have brought
you down"
Madara: "Izanagi...
The ability to change
illusion into reality, in
exchange for light.
An Uchiha kinjutsu...
The Uchiha and
Senju... Only those
who hold the power
of both sides can use
this dōjutsu!"
Konan: "Both the
Senju and Uchiha...?
That is the Rikudō's
power. You have
such power..."
Madara: "you're my
former comrade. As
a token of friendship,
I'll teach you a bit
about my techniques
and my body. Izanagi
is essentially what
you said. A technique
applying all things
created by the
Rikudō Sennin.
originally, the Rikudō
Sennin, the founder
of both the Uchiha
and Senju and
possessing the blood
and powers of both,
made all things.
Using the power of
Yin Release (Inton),
originating from the
spiritual energy
imagination, he
created form out of
nothing. With the
power of Yang
Release ( Yōton),
originating from the
physical energy
governing life, he
blew life into those
forms. The Bijū are
also one of those...
He used Yin-Yang
Release ( Onmyōton)
to create every Bijū
from the Ten-Tails'
chakra. A technique
that can embodies
imagination and life.
That is Izanagi."(RS)
Konan: "What kind of
person are you?"
Madara: "To the
world, Uchiha
Madara lost to Senju
Hashirama... but
what is the truth?
The victor is the
person looking
forward... The true
victory and defeat
come after this... The
battle back then was
to gain that person's
power. I am Uchiha
Madara who
obtained Senju
Hashirama's power.
The second person to
become Rikudō, that
is my sole existence
now. There were a
few others who
displayed imperfect
Izanagi because they
couldn't control
Hashirama's power,
Konan goes away
from Madara
Madara: "it looks like
you're quietly going
to Nagato. If you go
there, you'll both
regret it. That
nonsense you got
from Naruto isn't
true peace or
something like that!
there is no hope or
anything! Nagato
believed in Naruto,
merely to comfort
his miserable self, is
Konan (! Impossible,
I...) The rain turns
into drizzle
Yahiko: Nagato is the
man who will
become the bridge to
peace. My duty is to
be the pillar that
supports that bridge.
Nagato: The bridge
to peace is he.. It is
his will itself. My
duty only goes up till
here... Naruto... If it's
you, really...
Madara: The
Amegakure rain is...
What is this?
Konan stands up.
"Yahiko! Nagato!
Your will will not
vanish! I too believe
in Naruto! This time,
(the sky clears up
and the sun appears
together with a
Konan: "He is the
man who will
become a bridge to
peace!! And for that, I
will become a
(Thank you Nagato...
Even when you're
dead, you still give
me hope!)
I am a blossom that
is fine with falling!
Here, you will...
Konan raises both
her hands and her
paper forms a circle.
Madara grabs
Konan's neck. "you
said I was darkness,
right? In that case, i'll
make you wither.
And I'll make that
rainbow bridge,
sparkling in seven
colours, disappear
into darkness as
well. The moment
this genjutsu I cast
ends, you will end as
well. After you told
me where the
Rinnegan is,
Konan loses
Madara: "There...?'
Yahiko's and
Nagato's corpses are
in a place resembling
a temple?
Madara sits next to
Nagato. "You are the
third Rikudō...
[Holding] a power so
strong, it was even
able to turn your red
hair, proof of your
Uzumaki clan lineage,
into white...
You turned traitor
and yet you still
Nagato smiles with
the will for creating
Another Translation
507: the forbidden
jyutsu out of the
Madara falls into
Konans paper.
He holds the mask
and tries to go ji-
kukan(the time n
space jutsu) but is
interrupted by
konans explosive
Konan : the ji-kukan
nin-jutsu seems to
have failed. I wasnt
there with you for
('when you swallow
yourself, you always
materialize your
body. And you're
slower then than
when u swallow
other things than
Madara: had I not
restricted myself
from flying on
jikukan to shift to
slipping through the
explosions, sure, i
might have been in
(Surrounded by
explosive tags
….cant go jikukan
Konan ('and the time
madara can slip
through objects is
about 5 mins.')
The papers start to
attack madara.
Konan: these 6
hundred billions of
explosive tags I
prepared for killing
you... should keep
exploding for 10
while the explosions
are going
(a tad of konans
Madara: its me who
prompted yahiko to
set up akatsuki.
Its also me who gave
Nagato the rinnegan.
konan: Both Yahiko
and nagato were
doing things of their
own wills! They were
no way your pawns!
in whatever forms,
they fought and died
of their own wills !
Thats why the will is
linked!! I wont let you
get in the way!!
the explosions end
and konan sits down.
Konans paper hair
ornament falls to
Konan: ('the jutusu of
divine paperist is
broken. I didnt think
it would take this
much chakra but …
with this')
Madare is definitely...
Madare from behind:
dead is he?
in the other place
Yahiko and Nagato
lie in paper flowers.
The paper flowers
the place is adorned
with are falling to
pieces …
184 iconhana ◆
konan breathing
feebly: why?
Undoubtedly you are
supposed to be
dead … many
simulations I went
through said this
plan was certain to
beat you.
Madara: its izanagi …
a forbidden jutsu of
uchiha that can link
vision to reality in
exchange for (the
users) light …
Uchiha and senju…
this is a dojutsu that
permits only those
with the forces of
Konan: (of both)
uchiha and senju …?
Thats Rikudohs
power. you cant
have such power…
Madara: my one time
comrade. for the
sake of that, ill tell
you a little about my
jutsu and myself.
Izanagi is essentially
an applied jutsu
based on rikudoh
sages banbutsu sozo
(the creation) youre
talking of.
uchiha and senjyu,
originally… Rikudo
was the root of
these two, had the
bloods and forces of
both and he created
the force of Yin-ton
which originates
from spiritual energy
that presides over
imagination. Using it,
he made shape out
of nothing.
the force of Yoh
(yang)- ton which
originates from
physical energy that
presides over life.
Using it he
transfused life into
an example is those
B-jyus …out of 10b
chakra, he created
each bjyu using on-
the art that
imagination and
life…that's Izanagi.
Konan: who on earth
are you?
Madara: they say
madara uchiha was
defeated by
hashirama senju …
however, what's
about the truth? The
winner is the one
who stared into the
future ….
The real game is
coming up now …the
old fight was to get
his forces. I am
Madara Uchiha that
attained hashirama
senjus power.
Being the second
rikudoh/Making a
rikudoh of the
second, now I am a
unique existence.
Although thereve
been a bunch of
l****s that couldnt
control the
hashirama power
and exhibited their
incomplete Izanagi.
Konan gets clear of
Madara: it seems
almost time(for you)
to see nagato. Up
there the two of you
can be sorry for
being taken in by
narutos nonsense.
Theres no d**** true
peace! There never
is d**** hope!
Nagato only wanted
to console his pitiful
self by believing in
Konan ('!? can this
possibly be ….') the
rain slackens off.
Yahiko:nagato is, he
is the man to be a
bridge to peace. My
role is to be a
support of the
Nagato: the bridge to
peace is him. His will
itself is.
My role seems to be
up at here…Naruto…
You on the other
hand, will really …
Madara: the nonstop
rain of amagakure (is
ceasing) …whats up
with this?
Konan gets up:
Yahiko! Nagato!
Their will wont
wither! Me too
believe in Naruto!
that he is the next..
(It is cleared up and
theres the sun and a
rainbow in the sky. )
Konan: ...the next
one that will be the
bridge to peace!! And
for that I will be the
support!!!('thank you
Nagato …even after
your death you still
give me the hope!)
im a flower ready to
Now Ill have you...
As Konan lifts up her
hands, the papers
describe an arc.
konans neck.
Madara: You called
me darkness. Then, I
will make you die
out. And vanish the
bridge thingy of this
rainbow of prismatic
7 colours in the
darkness. When the
genjutu is done youll
be done for. After I
make you come
clean with
whereabouts of
rinnegan, that is...
Konan faints away...
Madara: here it is …
In some shrine(?) like
place yahikos and
nagatos remains are.
Madara sits next to
madara: Youre the
third rikudoh…Your
red hair was
evidence that youre
a descendant of the
Uzumaki clan and it
turned white
because u mustered
that much strength
for …
betraying me, youre
still smiling, are you...
caption 'the will for
peace is being spun
and that makes
nagato smile.'

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email #14 nama

[ Rabu, 15-09-2010 11:36 WIB ]

bukti zianekaze lebih cepat dari hilman p3p3k
510: Sebuah Kinjutsu Izanagi
Madara jatuh ke dalam kertas-kertas
Dia memegang topeng dan mencoba
menggunakan ninjutsu ruang-waktu,
tapi kertas – kertas meledak
sehingga mencegah Madara dari
melakukan teleportasi.
Konan: "tampaknya ninjutsu ruang-
waktu itu gagal. Tampaknya kau
tidak dapat teleport. "
Jika kau ingin teleport dirimu maka
kau harus berwujud terlebih dahulu.
Itu juga prosesnya lebih lambat dari
orang berjalan saat kau melakukan
jutsu itu.
Madara: "Aku harus berhenti
teleporting. Aku tidak akan dapat
lolos dari ledakan, ini memang sangat
berbahaya. "
Ada kertas peledak di sekelilingku...
aku tidak bisa sembarangan teleport)
Konan: Madara dapat menyelinap dan
menembus kertas-kertas itu dalam
jangka waktu sekitar lima menit.
Kertas-kertas itu mulai meliputi
Konan: "Untuk membunuhmu, aku
menyiapkan enam ratus miliar kertas
peledak ... Mereka akan terus meledak
selama sepuluh menit."
Di dalam ledakan itu ... ..
(Konan mempunyai kilas balik kecil)
Madara: "Aku adalah orang yang
menyebabkan Yahiko untuk
mendirikan Akatsuki dan aku juga
orang yang memberi Nagato
Yahiko dan Nagato tidak bergerak
sendiri! Mereka bukan potongan
Shogi! Bahkan jika mereka seperti itu,
akan terus melawan dan mati dengan
niat ini! Itu sebabnya kita bertiga
terikat bersama-sama dan tidak akan
Ketika ledakan itu berakhir, Konan
duduk. Dekorasi kertas di rambutnya
Konan: (Si manusia kertas dengan
kekuatan dewa mungkin akan datang
yang baru setelah aku, tetapi dengan
ini ....)
"kau pasti akan-"
Madara dari belakangnya: "-Mati?"
Di tempat khusus, Yahiko dan Nagato
istirahat di antara bunga-bunga
Bunga-bunga kertas dekorasi mereka
runtuh ...
Konan mulai kesulitan bernapas:
"Mengapa? Kau seharusnya mati.
Tidak peduli seberapa sering aku
mencobanya, jika aku menggunakan
teknik itu, maka seharusnya kau
Madara: "Izanagi ... Kemampuan
untuk mengubah ilusi menjadi
kenyataan, dalam pertukaran cahaya.
Sebuah Uchiha kinjutsu ... Uchiha dan
Senju ... Hanya mereka yang
memegang kekuasaan kedua belah
pihak yang dapat menggunakan
dōjutsu ini! "
Konan: "Baik Senju dan Uchiha ...? Itu
adalah kekuatan Rikudō'sannin.
Mustahil kau memiliki kekuatan
seperti itu... "
Madara: "kau kawan lamaku. Sebagai
tanda persahabatan, aku akan
mengajarkan sedikit tentang teknik
tubuhku. Izanagi pada dasarnya
adalah seperti yang kau katakan.
Teknik ini diciptakan oleh Rikudō
Sennin. awalnya, Sennin Rikudō,
pendiri baik Uchiha dan Senju
memiliki darah dan kekuasaan
keduanya, ia membuat segala
sesuatu. Menggunakan kekuatan
Energi Yin (Inton), yang berasal dari
energi spiritual yang mengatur
imajinasi, dan dia menciptakan
bentuk dari yang bermula dari
sebuah ketiadaan. Dengan kekuatan
energi Yang ( Yōton), berasal dari
energi fisik yang mengatur
kehidupan, ia meniup kehidupan ke
menjadi sesuatu yang berwujud. Para
Biju juga salah satu dari itu ... Dia
menggunakan energi Yin-Yang
( Onmyōton) untuk membuat setiap
Biju dari chakra Sepuluh-ekor '.
Teknik yang dapat mewujudkan
imajinasi dari kehidupan. Itu Izanagi
Konan: "Begaimana kau
Madara: "Demi dunia, Uchiha Madara
kalah dari Senju Hashirama... tapi
kebenarannya adalah? pemenang
yaitu adalah orang yang sabar ...
Kemenangan sejati dan kekalahan
datang setelah ini ... Pertempuran
waktu itu adalah untuk mendapatkan
kekuatan senju harashima. Saya
Uchiha Madara yang memperoleh
kekuatan Senju Hashirama telah
menjadi Orang kedua seperti Rikudō
sannin, itu adalah kebenaran
tentangku. Ada beberapa orang lain
yang menggunakan Izanagi tapi tidak
sempurna itu karena mereka tidak
bisa mengontrol kekuatan Hashirama,
tapi ... "
Konan terjautuh dari Madara
Madara: "tampaknya kau diam-diam
akan menyembunyikan Nagato. Jika
kau mati, maka kalian berdua akan
menyesal. omong kosong itu pasti
kau peroleh dari Naruto. Hal seperti
itu bukanlah perdamaian! tidak ada
harapan dari orang sepertinya!
Nagato percaya pada Naruto, hanya
untuk menghibur dirinya saja yang
sengsara, itu saja. "
Konan (! Tidak mungkin..) Hujan
berubah menjadi gerimis
Yahiko: Nagato adalah orang yang
akan menjadi jembatan untuk
perdamaian. Tugasku adalah untuk
menjadi pilar yang mendukung
jembatan itu.
Nagato: Jembatan untuk perdamaian
adalah dia .. dia adalah hal cahaya itu
sendiri. Tugasku hanya sampai di
sini ... Naruto ... Jika Anda, benar-
benar ...
Madara: kenapa hujan di Amegakure
tidak berhenti... Apa ini?
Konan berdiri. "Yahiko! Nagato! Kalian
berdua tidak akan hilang! Aku
percaya pada Naruto! Kali ini, ia "
(Langit mulai cerah dan matahari
muncul bersama-sama dengan
Konan: "Dia adalah pria yang akan
menjadi jembatan untuk perdamaian!
Dan untuk itu, aku akan menjadi
pilar! "
(Terima kasih Nagato ... Bahkan
ketika kau mati, kau masih
memberiku harapan!)
walau bunga ini telah jatuh! Di sini,
kau akan ...
Konan mengangkat kedua tangannya
dan dia membentuk kertas menjadi
Kertas Konan itu menyambar leher
"Kau bilang aku kegelapan, kan?
Dalam hal itu, aku akan membuat kau
layu. Dan aku akan membuat
jembatan pelangi yang berkilau tujuh
warna menghilang dalam kegelapan
juga. Saat ini aku akan mengakhiri
Genjutsuku, kau pun akan berakhir
juga. Setelah kau mengatakan
kepadaku di mana rinnegan,
meskipun ... "
Konan kehilangan kesadaran.
Madara: "Ada ...?"
Yahiko dan Nagato mayat itu berada
di tempat yang menyerupai kuil?
Madara duduk di sebelah Nagato.
"Kau adalah Rikudō sannin ketiga ...
kekuatan yang begitu kuat, kau
bahkan mampu mengubah rambut
merahmu, yang menjadi bukti bahwa
kau adalah Clan Uzumaki, menjadi ke
warna putih ...
Kau menjadi pengkhianat, namun Kau
masih tersenyum ...? "
Nagato tersenyum dengan kehendak
untuk menciptakan perdamaian ...

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email #15 rief

[ Rabu, 15-09-2010 11:25 WIB ]

mkin membingungkan aza

sent from: MAUI WAP Browser

email #16 Arman Akatsuki

[ Rabu, 15-09-2010 10:30 WIB ]

Itu memang benar. . . Nagato adlh keturunan uzumaki. . .
Uzumaki nagato. . Dan dia adlh rikudo yg ke 3,
madara,hashirama dan nagato.

sent from: nokian73-1 UNTRUSTED/1.0

narutopedia-express.blogspot.com/ #17 naruto 509

[ Rabu, 15-09-2010 10:29 WIB ]

dapet info baru nih, klo nagato juga klan uzumaki..

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email #18 abiyasa

[ Rabu, 15-09-2010 10:25 WIB ]

Ternyata..nagato adalah klan uzumaki..ingat rambutnya khan merah..so Uzumaki Nagato

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email #19 abiyasa

[ Rabu, 15-09-2010 10:05 WIB ]

Mata kiri Tobi/madara yg selama ini ditutupi topeng adalah mata RINNEGAN..so wajah TOBI agak kelihatan..


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email #20 abiyasa

[ Rabu, 15-09-2010 10:02 WIB ]

Pic spoiler, dulu sblmnya pernah banyolan ma agnez..ternyata banyolan itu benar.Sungguh mengejutkn bhw MATA KIRI TOBI/MADARA adalah mata RINNEGAN..


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